Long Lasting Nail Polish

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Experience durable beauty with our long-lasting nail polish collection, designed to keep your manicure vibrant from spring to summer. Our range includes a spectrum of shades to match any style, engineered for chip resistance and enduring wear.

Our formula is built to last, available in various finishes from high shine to matte, giving you the versatility to create the look you desire. With this polish, frequent touch-ups are a thing of the past.

For optimal longevity, apply our protective gel top coat to seal in color and prevent fading. Also explore our XCOATTIPS French nail collection, press-on toe nails, and nail extensions. Enjoy a lasting, flawless manicure with ease, no matter your summer activities.

Get More From Your Nail Polish

Gel nail polish keeps your nails looking great for weeks. It's tough against chips and peeling, so you can enjoy beautiful nails with less work.

Stronger Nails

Gel polish acts like a shield, helping to keep your nails from breaking or splitting. This means your own nails can get stronger while they're painted.

Less Time Painting Nails

With this kind of polish, you won't have to paint your nails as often. It stays perfect for a longer time, which means you can forget about your nails and just enjoy them.

Stay Shiny

This polish keeps its shiny look without getting dull. Your nails will look freshly done all the time, without having to add more polish.

Seamless Elegance with Gel Nail Polish From BTArtBoxNails

Our gel nail polish is crafted to mirror salon results, delivering lasting strength and rich, consistent hues for your at-home manicures.

Durable and Solid

Experience the fortitude of salon nails with every layer of our gel polish. Once the topcoat sets, your nails gain a substantial feel that resists daily wear and tear with grace.

Full Spectrum of Color

Indulge in the luxury of our full-bodied colors that stay true and vibrant long after application. The dynamic range of shades is designed to captivate and complement any style or occasion.

Smooth, Easy Glide

Application is a breeze with our gel polish, gliding onto your nails with a consistency that allows for even, effortless coverage. Achieve a flawless look every time, without the salon visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of nail polish lasts the longest?

Gel nail polishes typically last the longest due to their formulation and the curing process with a UV or LED lamp. They are known for their durability and chip-resistant properties, often staying intact for two to three weeks.

What nail varnish lasts 2 weeks?

Gel nail varnishes are renowned for their ability to maintain a pristine finish for up to two weeks. Quality gel polishes, when applied correctly and cured under a UV or LED lamp, offer a long-wearing manicure with minimal chipping or peeling.

How to make nail polish last 2 weeks?

To make nail polish last two weeks, start by cleaning your nails thoroughly and pushing back the cuticles. Apply a base coat, two coats of your chosen long-lasting nail polish or gel polish, and then seal it with a topcoat. If using gel, cure each layer under a UV or LED lamp. Avoiding harsh chemicals and wearing gloves during household chores can also extend the life of your manicure.

What helps nail polish stay on longer?

Several steps can help nail polish stay on longer: Use a high-quality base coat to improve adhesion, apply thin layers of polish, allow each layer to fully dry, and finish with a topcoat to seal and protect the polish. Keeping your nails and cuticles well-moisturized and avoiding activities that can chip polish also contribute to a lasting manicure.