Paraffin Wax Machine

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Type: Paraffin Wax Machine


Package Include:

  • 1000g paraffin wax
  • 200pcs liners for hands and feet
  • 4pcs mitts for hands and feet
  • 1pcs heat insulating grid
  • 1pcs thermometer
  • 1pcs silicone patula
  • 1pcs brush


1. Place the machine on a flat surface and lift up the lid;

2. Put the paraffin wax into the machine and put the lid back on;

3. Connect the machine into the power;

4. Set the temperature to either 140F or 167F depending on the wax melting speed, and let the wax melt completely;

5. After the wax has melted, turn off the machine and put the heat insulating grid into the machine;

6. Check for suitable temperature before using the wax with the thermometer;

7. Clean your skin completely before the treatment;

8. Use the brush/silicone spatula to spread an even layer of wax onto your hands/the area you’re going to wax and wait for the wax to dry;

9. After the wax has dried, slowly dip your hands into the melted wax, with your fingers outstretched;

10. Leave your hands in for 20-30 seconds;

11. Relate steps 9 and 10 at least 4-5 times until it forms a thick layer on your skin;

12. To help achieve a better effect, wrap your hands with the glove liner and put on a pair of heat-preservation cotton gloves;

13. After 10-20 minutes, take off the gloves and get rid of the liner;

14. Remove the hardened wax from your hands.

About this item:

  • Large Capacity & Quick Heat: BTArtbox paraffin wax machine for hands and feet has a large opening inner container (Size 9.8 *7.1*3.5 inch ) which offers you enough space to dip your hands, elbows or feet in paraffin warmer machine. Melts wax quickly and evenly , takes just 20 minutes to fully melt 2 lbs of paraffin wax at 167 °F while others take as long as 3h.
  • Big Bundle for Enjoying Paraffin at Home: Package include 1000g paraffin wax, 200pcs liners for hands and feet, 4pcs mitts for hands and feet, 1pcs heat insulating grid, 1pcs thermometer, 1pcs silicone patula and 1pcs brush. With these you can enjoy paraffin treatment at home like at the salon. Choosing BTArtbox paraffin wax machine kit let you not only dose it save money but also it saves time.
  • Caring About Daily Stress & Pain Relief & Softens Skin: The paraffin wax smoothens and softens dry skin on hands, elbows, and feet; Heat therapy for stiff hands is great, this parrafin bath spa system at home is convenient and works great for arthritis. It's not a cure but it can improve mobility. Caring about your family and yourself.
  • Simple Operation: Place paraffin wax into machine and turn on the machine. Wait for the 20mins, and you are ready to enjoy a paraffin spa treatment. Apply wax coating on hand, elbow, or foot, after test the temperature with a thermometer then enjoy the soothing warmth while the wax hydrates and nourishes. Simply peel off the cooled wax and discard.

BTArtbox Large Capacity & Quick Heat Paraffin Bath
Enjoy Your Personal Paraffin Spa at Home

Quick Heat
Melts wax quickly and evenly , takes just 20 minutes to fully melt 2 lbs of paraffin wax at 167 °F while others take as long as 3h.

Package Included Thermometer
Check for suitable temperature before using the wax with the thermometer.

Technical Specifications

  • Working voltage/frequency: AC (110 V-120 V/60 Hz)
  • Power rating: 265 W
  • Capacity: 2300 ml

Smoothens and Softens Dry Skin on Hands, Feet, and Elbows

Paraffin Wax Machine


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