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Tiktok Live-steam Show - Press On Nails | BTArtbox

We made these press on nails completely following the handmade process(base coat, color gel, pattern, top coat). The color and patterns are made with gel polish instead of printed with ink. Get salon-like nails in 5 mins!

How I Apply Acrylic On Curved Tips | BTArtbox

Loved the edged ombre nail! The whole set was super cute!

 XXL Encapsulated Butterfly Glitter Nails | BTArtbox

This lazy girl method is being brought to a whole new level and I love!! I also can’t wait for some PR package videos.

Shameless Nails Campfire Collection | BTArtbox

I’m in love with this fall themed nail. Now I wanna cozy up by a fire pit with a mug of something delicious. I’m gonna be brave and try to recreate this whenever they get these dips back in stock. I can’t wait!!

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The Best Acrylic Nail Kit For Beginners! | BTArtbox

I would describe this nail kit as on of the best acrylic nail kits for beginners! It has everything you need to get started with acrylic nails!

Amazon #1 Nail Drill |BTArtbox

The style is unique and not like your typical nail drill. The color is beautiful and hand piece is just the right size for the hand. The foot petal is a plus so that it is not awkward to stop and start the drill.

Acrylic Nail Kit & 500pcs Nail Tips | BTArtbox

I have there full cover coffin tips and they are amazing! I love them.

A Cheap Acrylic Kit From Amazon | BTArtbox

Love how cute the butterflies roses and rhinestones are. They looked nice on the pink glass nails.

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