French X-Coat Tips® - Bara lunga
French X-Coat Tips® - Bara lunga
French X-Coat Tips® - Bara lunga
French X-Coat Tips® - Bara lunga
French X-Coat Tips® - Bara lunga
French X-Coat Tips® - Bara lunga
French X-Coat Tips® - Bara lunga
French X-Coat Tips® - Bara lunga
French X-Coat Tips® - Bara lunga
French X-Coat Tips® - Bara lunga
French X-Coat Tips® - Bara lunga
French X-Coat Tips® - Bara lunga
French X-Coat Tips® - Bara lunga
French X-Coat Tips® - Bara lunga
French X-Coat Tips® - Bara lunga
French X-Coat Tips® - Bara lunga
French X-Coat Tips® - Bara lunga
French X-Coat Tips® - Bara lunga

French X-Coat Tips® - Bara lunga

Marrone / L: Quantity: 320Pcs
Nudo / L: Quantity: 150Pcs
Rosa / L: Quantity: 150Pcs
$36.99 USD

  • Three-layer Innovative Technology, simplify your manicure steps (Primer +Soft Gel + X Matte Coat),It can be used as a DIY option
  • Translucent natural color design, can be used with gel x, glue, jelly stickers
  • Scientific thickness design, no pressure pain and not easy to break. Total 15/16 sizes always could fit your nail bed.
  • Viral Manicures,Beyond Salon

Colore: Marrone


Lunghezza: XL

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French X-Coat Tips® - Long Coffin ti farà risparmiare tempo e denaro, grazie al loro design rapido e alla qualità dura! L'aggiornamento delle taglie 15/16 si adatta sempre al tuo letto ungueale. Goditi una lunga durata di oltre 30 giorni. Stupisciti con il design pre-francese e pre-forma: non è mai stato così facile!

  • Materiale: Gel morbido
  • Stile: francese
  • Lunghezza: Lungo
  • Forma: Bara

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Prezzo totale:$81.96 $78.94
Loved and trusted by thousands..
This is like the 10th different color press on kit that ive gotten from BTartbox, and each new one that i get is better and better than the last. Just when i thought it couldnt get any better than the jelly pink btartbox nails, they go and come out with jelly nude ones WITH french tips already on them. They are just beautiful. Not only do they look good, they are long lasting, super durable, and they fit and feel great. I would definitely recommend this product to others, they are absolutely awesome
Regina M.
I love these nails omgggggg. After 1 1/2 weeks the nails are still very durable! They did lose a bit shape and color on the edges but not noticeable. I am honestly shocked how good the quality of these nails are. I’m never going back to the nail salon 😂. As for the glue, I used the 28 day one. You can order charms off of shein for 88 cents and hook up your nails.
Tina B.
I love these tips so much! The pink base is gorgeous and compliments the French tip very well. With prep and everything it took me about an hour to complete this set. I did add a layer of builder gel plus top coat to ensure the French was sealed and didn’t peel. I’ve had these on for about four days now and they still look really good. Will definitely recommend!
Halima W.
I love press on nails but these changed the game for me. This was my first time using hard gel but I will say I don’t think I can ever go back. You get soooooo many nails for the price point. I can do at least 6 sets without reusing any pieces. Also I’ve never experienced a French manicure where they were able to get my correct skin tone for the nude portion. So for the shade match AND price. 10/10
Eltamar L.
I love these nail tip. As a person who does her own nails it’s a easy way to give my nails a break from acrylics. These Look very natural quick and easy to apply. I did add the designs and I applied builder gel and top coat to keep the French design. I will be getting the other designs as well.
Rhonda W.
These are the best press on nails I’ve ever used! I applied with the recommended gel glue and builder gel and it literally looks like a salon manicure at a fraction of the cost. Not to mention, the gel glue is so much less messy than regular nail glue for people like me. BUY THIS but don’t do too much because these are my new go to!
Please do yourself a favor and order these. If you’re a “do your nails at home” girlie you absolutely need these. Note that you need all of the things to do gelx nails at home but trust me that it’s worth it and you still end up saving tons of money by not going to the salon. Plus like I said if you’re doing your nails at home you probably already own everything plus now you’re gonna save time by not having to do the design yourself and not having to file!
If you’re tired of spending money at the salon and not getting your moneys worth these are the nails for you! Easy to apply comes with instructions in the nail. Sizes are perfect only thing I had to file was the tip of the nail. You will need to purchase is a UV light, builder gel to polish on before adding a gel topcoat to seal and keep your nails looking shiny and fresh. This is my first purchase, but it definitely won’t be my last.

4 motivi per cui dovresti scegliere BTArtbox

Stessa qualità del salone

Facile e veloce da applicare

Lunga durata oltre 30 giorni

Solo $ 3,7 per manicure



• Design a tre strati, semplifica i passaggi della manicure (primer + gel morbido + mano di fondo)
• Design pre-francese e pre-colore, puoi realizzare il design direttamente.
• Totale 15 /16 taglie potrebbero sempre adattarsi al tuo letto ungueale.
• Design scientifico dello spessore, nessun dolore da pressione e non facile da rompere.


Le punte X-Coat possono durare più di 30 giorni con il duo di colla protettiva.


Questi sono i "punte X-Coat" per l'estensione delle unghie. Puoi aggiungere un disegno o applicare gel costruttore e top coat per finire. La stampa sulle unghie è un prodotto finito, ma "X-Coat Tips" è un prodotto semilavorato


Le punte X-Coat possono essere rimosse con la calza, seguendo i passaggi seguenti:
1: Taglia ed elima le unghie per renderle sottili
2: Avvolgi con acetone, attendi 15 minuti
3 : Taglia le punte con lo spingicuticole
4: Lucida nuovamente le unghie e applica olio per cuticole per proteggere le unghie


Imballeremo i tuoi articoli entro 1-2 giorni dalla ricezione dell'ordine. Il tempo di spedizione normale è di 7-15 giorni.