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Our glue on nails offer a quick and stylish solution for those who want fabulous nails on the fly. With a variety of styles to choose from, you can effortlessly switch up your look to suit any occasion. For added convenience, our nail kits provide all the essentials in one package. If you're in the mood for something extra special, our fancy nails bring sparkle and shine. For an even simpler application, try our stick on nails – just press on and go. And for those who prefer a trendy edge, our coffin nail designs are sure to impress with their bold and modern shape.

Check out our collection and find the ideal glue on nails to make your hands and feet look fabulous. Don't miss out on our other products to complete your look. Go for our French XCOATTIPS toenails for tidy toes, premium press-ons and fake nails for a hassle free manicure, classic short almond nails kits for an elegant touch, or nail extensions for some extra flair. With these choices, you can mix up your style however you like.

Fall in Love with Easy-to-Use Nail Glue Kits

Step into the world of glue-on nails, perfect for creating lovely, long-lasting looks in the comfort of your home. With nail glue to hold everything in place, you'll get that salon-fresh feel without the fuss.

Quick and Pretty Nail Fixes

Get ready in a flash with glue-on nails that stick on easily and stay put. Whether you're going for a soft, natural vibe or dazzling party nails, these kits let you switch up your style in no time.

Mix and Match with Ease

With so many colors and styles, these nails invite you to play and find the perfect match for your look. They're fun to use and let your hands shine in just the way you like.

Save Money and Still Look Great

Enjoy beautiful nails without spending a lot. Glue-on nails are a smart pick if you love changing your nails often but don't want to spend salon prices. Just a bit of glue and you're good to go with fresh, fabulous nails.

Elevate Your Style with Glue-On Nails From BTArtBox

Step into the ease of sophisticated nail beauty with our glue-on nails, thoughtfully engineered for natural comfort and exceptional style. These pre-colored and pre-shaped nails are crafted for instant application, giving you a salon-quality manicure that lasts.

Seamless Natural Fit

Our nails are designed to align perfectly with your nail bed, ensuring a flawless and secure fit. With a range of sizes available, finding the ideal complement to your natural nails is effortless, providing comfort and style for more than a month.

Effortless Ready-to-Apply Nails

Simplify your nail routine with our pre-shaped and richly hued nail tips. They're ready to make a statement straight out of the box, saving you time and letting you customize as you please for an instantly chic appearance.

Long-Lasting and Gentle on Nails

These glue-on nails are built to endure the demands of daily life while preserving the condition of your natural nails. They are designed for easy removal when you're ready for a change, providing strength and longevity without unnecessary nail damage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do fake nails damage your real nails?

When applied and removed properly, fake nails can be worn without causing damage to your real nails. It's important to follow application and removal instructions carefully to avoid any potential harm.

Using a quality nail glue and not forcing the nails off will keep your natural nails in good condition. Additionally, giving your nails a break between applications and treating them with nourishing oils can help maintain their health.

How long is it safe to wear glue-on nails?

It's safe to wear glue-on nails for about 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the growth rate of your natural nails and the strength of the adhesive used. To maintain nail health, it's recommended to remove them around this time frame to clean and care for your natural nails before reapplying a new set.

Can you wear glue-on nails all the time?

While it is possible to wear glue-on nails continuously, it is beneficial to occasionally give your natural nails some time to breathe. After wearing a set for a few weeks, take a short break to apply moisturizing treatments and address any maintenance needs, ensuring your nails stay strong and healthy.

Can I shower with glue-on nails?

Yes, you can shower with glue-on nails. High-quality nail glue is designed to be water-resistant, allowing you to perform daily activities without worry. However, prolonged exposure to water may weaken the adhesive over time, so it's best to keep water contact minimal and brief.

How can I take care of my nails after using nail glue?

After using nail glue, take care of your nails by gently removing any glue residue with a nail buffer. Rehydrate your cuticles and nails with cuticle oil and keep them well-moisturized with a nourishing hand cream. If you notice any weak spots or damage, give your nails a break from artificial nails until they recover fully.