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Our stick-on nails are your quick fix for instant glamour, crafted for every style from sleek sophistication to bold allure. They're pre-shaped and prepared for immediate application, so you can switch up your look effortlessly. Within our range, you'll find chic coffin nail designs, romantic Valentine's  Press-on nails, playful pink coffin nails, and the smooth gradient of white ombre nails to suit any mood or occasion.

Our stick ons come in different sizes and styles, so you can find just the right fit and look for you. They're a quick and affordable way to get a professional nail look at home, whenever you want.

Have fun with your style and feel confident with press-on nails that show off who you are. Plus, check out our other products for more ways to beautify your nails, such as our premium XCOATTIPS toe nails for elegant feet, timeless French XCOATTIPS kits for a classic edge, and nail extensions to elevate your look to new, dramatic heights.

Easily Transform Your Look with Stick On Nails

Stick on nails offer a convenient way to achieve a salon-quality manicure without the time commitment. These ready-to-wear nails elevate your style at a moment's notice.

Effortless Application

Say goodbye to messy glue and drying times. Stick on nails come with pre-applied adhesive for a fuss-free application that's as easy as pressing them onto your natural nails.

Customizable Styles

Whether you're after a minimalist look or a bold pattern, the variety of designs available means there’s something for every taste. These nail sets allow for quick style changes to match any outfit or occasion.

Durable and Budget-Friendly

Enjoy the longevity of a professional manicure at a fraction of the cost. Stick on nails are made to last, ensuring your hands look fabulous for days on end without breaking the bank.

Elevate Your Manicure with Stick-On Nails From BTArtBox

Discover a world where style meets convenience with stick on nails that offer a custom-fit manicure without the salon visit. These nails are designed for comfort, versatility, and endurance.

High-Quality Gel Finish

Each nail boasts a rich, gel polish finish, providing a depth of color and design that ink printing can't match. This premium finish delivers a glossy, resilient manicure that stands out.

Comfortable and Natural Feel

Experience the comfort of soft gel nails that conform to your nail beds, ensuring zero pressure and a natural look. Flexibility and softness are at the heart of every nail, making them a joy to wear.

Perfect Fit for All

With a range of up to 16 different nail sizes, finding the ideal fit for your unique nail shape is easy. These stick on nails are tailored to ensure that your manicure looks and feels bespoke.

Built for Everyday Life

Our press on nails come with a protective gel top coat that prepares you for life's demands. Confidently go about your daily routine with a manicure designed to keep up with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between stick-on nails and press-on nails?

The terms "stick-on nails" and "press-on nails" are often used interchangeably to describe pre-decorated nail sets that can be adhered to the natural nail. These offer a convenient, fast, and user-friendly approach to achieving a polished look without visiting a salon.

Can I shower with press-on nails?

Yes, you can shower with press-on nails. Most press-on nails are designed with water-resistant adhesives, allowing them to withstand exposure to water. However, prolonged or frequent water exposure can weaken the adhesive over time, so it's a good idea to keep showers short and to avoid soaking your nails excessively to maintain a strong bond.

Are stick-on nails worth it?

Stick-on nails are absolutely worth it for those looking for a quick, convenient, and cost-effective alternative to salon manicures. They come in a plethora of designs and can be applied within minutes. With proper application and care, stick-on nails can last several days, making them a great option for special occasions or regular wear.

Do stick-on nails fall off?

Stick-on nails might fall off if they aren't applied correctly or if they come into contact with substances that can loosen the adhesive, such as oils or prolonged water exposure. To minimize the chances of your stick-on nails falling off, ensure your natural nails are clean, dry, and free from oils before application, and avoid activities that might weaken the adhesive.

Can you wear press-on nails all the time?

It is possible to wear press-on nails continuously, but it's important to give your natural nails a break occasionally. Constantly covering your nails can trap moisture and inhibit air circulation, which might lead to weakened natural nails or fungal infections.

It's advisable to remove your press-on nails every few weeks, clean your natural nails thoroughly, and let them breathe for a few days before reapplying a new set.