20 Summer Trendy Almond Nail Designs To Try



Almond-shaped nails are all the rage, giving you that elegant, slightly pointed tip that's so flattering.

This summer, tap into your creative side with trendy almond nail designs! Rock a classic French manicure or embrace the fun of pastel hues.

These designs are just waiting to complement your summer vibe, whether you're keeping it understated or going for bold. Your almond nails are the perfect canvas to express your style.

Almond Nail Designs To Inspire Your Next Manicure

Set the trend with eye-catching almond shape nails that are all the rage this season. Here are some designs that lead the nail trends and inspire your next stunning manicure.

Silver & Shiny Tips

Think of your nails in that sleek almond shape, each with a glint of silver at the tip—so classy and a tiny bit sassy! 

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Hot Pink French Nails

Nails in that classic almond shape, but with a sassy twist—a pop of hot pink just on the tips. It’s like your favorite flirty dress for your fingers, totally fun and unapologetically girly!

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Neon Rainbow French Mani

Each tip blossoms in a playful dance of trendy hues: fresh green, lilac whispers, cotton candy pink, sky kisses of blue, and a zesty hint of orange. It's like a summer festival at your fingertips!

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Nude and White Ombré Nails

Flaunt a dreamy summer vibe with these trendy almond tips dipped in the perfect blend of ombré nudes and crisp whites.

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Off White Mani

You've just got to try these almond nails in a chic off-white shade. They are like the perfect little summer accessory – subtle yet absolutely on-trend. It's that flawless, fresh look that'll go with literally every cute outfit you've planned out! 

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Short Nude Almond Nails

It's like your beloved summer sundress for your fingertips - understated yet totally on-trend. Ideal for sipping iced lattes or flaunting at beach bonfires. They're the whisper of elegance your summer was longing for!

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Chrome Glazed Nails

Your nails are about to shine brighter than the summer sun with these on-trend almond beauties! It's the perfect mix of mirror-like reflection and sheer elegance, all on those chic, almond-shaped canvases. 

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Sideways and French Tips

Let your almond nails rock super fine French tips with a cute black line on the side. 

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Neon Green Tips

Slay the summer vibe with these fierce almond tips dipped in the brightest neon green. Perfect for beach parties or just vibing under the sun!

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Cute Doodle Art Nails

Each nail tells a little story with cute and colorful doodles – fierce little flames, mystical eyes, adorable hearts, a sassy snake, and those tranquil yin-yang symbols. It's like your personal mood board but make it fashion, right at your fingertips!

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Aurora French Mani

These almond-shaped stunners are all dressed up with the most fabulous shiny light gold tips. It's like your fingertips are dipped in liquid sunlight—perfect for sipping mimosas at brunch or just feeling like a sun-kissed goddess all season long. 

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Smooth Silver Nails

Imagine your nails dipped in liquid moonlight - that's the vibe with these glossy silver almond nails, perfect for sparkling your way through summer days and nights.

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Orange Almond Tips

Chic almond silhouette with tips that pop in the juiciest shade of bright orange. They're like sipping on a cool, zesty mimosa by the poolside with every flick and flutter of your fingers. 

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Strawberry Patterns on Off White

These nails rock an off-white base that's like the perfect canvas for the cutest little strawberry patterns. Totally fresh for those sunny days! 

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Grape Milkshake

Rock a cool summer look with a smooth violet ombre and cute light purple spots. To top it off, there are shiny rhinestones for that extra sparkle. It's the perfect blend of fun and fancy! 

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Pastel Tie-Dye

Dress your nails in the perfect summer vibe with these trendy almond beauties! They're rocking a matte white base that's been playfully kissed by a tie-dye dream of bright pink, sunny yellow, cool blue and a fun orange. It's like your fingertips are dipped in a sunset-colored swirl of summer's best pastel ice creams!

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Ultimate Glittery Holo Nails

Let your nails shimmer with every flip of your hair or wave hello! These almond nails are totally on point for summer, drenched in a glittery holographic polish that catches the sun and winks at everyone with a playful sparkle. It's like your fingers are hosting their little disco! 

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Purple Waves

The nails are like a dreamy sunset with a soft ombre fade from nude to violet and the prettiest little swirls in violet, white, and silver that just dance across the tips. It's like your fingers are dipping into a summer night sky.

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Berry Nails

Dip your nails in summer fun with these almond-shaped beauties! We're talking a chic monochromatic vibe with swirls of playful pinks, all jazzed up with hints of crisp white and sparkling silver.

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Ocean Swirls

Get ready to slay this summer with these gorge almond nails, sporting a chic monochromatic vibe. We've got swirly blues from deep to light, all jazzed up by pops of turquoise and glam silver accents. Total mermaid vibes!

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What to Consider in Choosing Summer Trendy Almond Nail Designs:

When choosing your summer almond nail designs, consider the following:

Color Palette: Pick shades that match the vibrant season or try a gradient of teals and blues for an ocean-inspired look. Pastels like pale pink or baby blue are perfect for a soft, summery feel, while neons like lime fizz can add that pop of cheer.

Design Complexity: Are you in the mood for intricate hand-painted art, or do you prefer a classic French mani like Cirque's latest collection? Your nail artist can suggest designs that accentuate the elegant shape and lengthening effect of almond nails.

Occasion Versatility: Whether you're beach-bound or office-bound, ensure your almond-shaped nail design fits all your summer plans. Florals and negative space designs are versatile for any setting.

Nail Length: Short almond nails keep things chic and manageable, while longer nails provide more space for creativity and a more pronounced, slightly pointed tip.

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Personal Style: Your nails should be an extension of your unique style. Love a little bling? Gold foil or silver details can up the ante. Adore simplicity? A subtle ombré might be all you need.

Wrap Up

With endless design inspirations, you can sport a mani that not only complements your style but also makes a statement. Remember, whether it's a subtle gradient or a dramatic design on each nail, your summer almond nails can perfectly showcase your personal flair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What summer colors work best for trendy almond nail designs?

Summer is perfect for experimenting with a vibrant color palette—think gradients of teal and blue for a beachy vibe, soft pastels like pale pink and baby blue for a delicate touch, or punchy neons to make a statement.

How complex should my nail art be for summer?

It depends on your preference! Opt for simple elegance with a classic French manicure or go bold with intricate hand-painted designs. Either way, the unique almond shape lends itself to a variety of stylish options.

What nail styles suit different summer occasions?

Choose versatile designs like florals or negative space art that can transition seamlessly from a day at the beach to a night out. Your summer almond nails should be as flexible as your itinerary.

Can I go for trendy almond nail designs if I prefer shorter nails?

Absolutely! Short almond nails are chic and easy to manage, perfect for adding a little length without going overboard. Plus, they can still rock the latest summer trends beautifully.

How do I choose a summer nail design that fits my personal style?

Your almond nails are a reflection of you. For a touch of luxe, consider gold or silver accents. If you're a fan of low-key looks, try a soft ombré. Talk to your nail artist about ways to tailor the design to your taste.


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