Cat Eye Nail Designs To Try That Are Simple and On-Trend

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 As the sun-kissed days get longer and the warm weather beckons you outdoors, it's the perfect time to let your nails mirror the vibrant essence of summer. Cat eye nail designs, with their mesmerizing shine and playful allure, are a spectacular choice to add a splash of intrigue to your summer look.

Whether you opt for neon hues that capture the electrifying summer vibes or prefer a subtle shimmer to complement your sundress, cat eye nail designs are a trend that shows no signs of fading away. They are the perfect accent to a season filled with bright colors and bold statements.

Cat Eye Nail Designs You Need To Try

White Cat Eye in Almond Nails

Beautify your fingertips with these elegant almond-shaped nails, drenched in a subtle nude polish and crowned with a mesmerizing white cat eye design at the tips, perfectly marrying sophistication with a playful edge.

Get the look: XCOATTIPS® Cat Eye - French - Medium Almond


White Aurora Cat Eye Mani

Embrace the everlasting elegance with this manicure's glossy white cat-eye finish, perfectly complemented by a sophisticated almond shape for a touch of classic femininity.

Pinkish White Cat Eye

Achieve a classic beauty with our glossy, pinkish-white cat-eye nails, perfectly crafted in an elegant almond shape for a touch of timeless sophistication.

Get the look: Falling Star Cat Eye Almond Nails - Press On Nails

Celestial Emerald Cat Eye

Flaunt a touch of elegance with these chic black nails, each adorned with a dazzle of emerald glitter at the center for a glamorous, eye-catching statement.


Gradient Cat Eye French Tips

Keep it sweet and simple with these charming short nails, adorned with a cozy nude base and finished with whimsical white tips that mimic the allure of a cat's eye.

Jelly Pink Nails

Step into sweetness with jelly pink nails that boast an adorable cat-eye shimmer, perfect for adding a dash of girlish charm to your day.

Bold Black Curves and Swirls

Get mesmerized by these chic white cat eye nails, gracefully embellished with delicate swirls and curves in sleek black polish for a truly captivating and elegant touch.

What to Consider in Choosing Cat Eye Nail Designs

Color Selection

Embrace neon nail polish for a look that really pops, or choose a neon green or neon pink to make a statement. Bright summer colors like hot pink or bright yellow will undoubtedly brighten your hands. For a more subdued but still summery vibe, pastel tones and light ombre transitions can be a great option.

Nail Shape and Length

From long acrylic nails to cute short dots nails, your nail shape and length can significantly alter the appearance of your cat eye nail design. Consider what complements your style – perhaps a long nail for a dramatic neon French tip or short and dainty nails for a subtle sparkle.

Read our guide: Nail Length and Nail Size: Your Guide to the Perfect Fit

Design Complexity

Cat eye nail art can range from simple one-stroke designs to intricate patterns including marble nails, colorful nails with negative space, or even glittery neon stripes. Decide if you want a sophisticated or super fun summer look based on your personal preference and the skill level of your nail artist.

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Occasion Compatibility

While neon shades are perfect for summer festivals and beach outings, a neon French or a shimmery gradient might be more suited for evening events. Think about where you'll be flaunting your mani this summer.


Make sure you top off your nail design with a high-quality top coat to protect against chips and keep your nails looking fresh throughout the summer activities. Gel polish is a splendid choice for long-lasting wear.


When summer is in full swing and you're ready to dive into the world of nail art, cat eye nail designs offer a treasure trove of possibilities. From the electric vibes of neon nail polish to the subtle twinkle of dainty accents, these designs can perfectly capture the joy and freedom of summer.

With the right color palette, a design like a glittery ombre, or an ultra-bright neon shade, your nails can become a show-stopping accessory that complements every summertime adventure. So for your next nail appointment, consider a cat eye nail design as a chic way to welcome the sunshine and embrace the energetic summer trend.

And don't stop there—browse our other collections for more inspiration on fun summer nails and bright summer nails that will make every moment shine!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my cat eye nail designs last longer in the summer?

To extend the life of your cat eye nail designs in the summer, start with a solid base coat, follow with two layers of your chosen nail polish, and seal it with a durable top coat. Opt for gel nails for even longer wear and protect your manicure by wearing gloves when doing tasks that could cause chips or wear.

What are some trendy summer nail ideas with cat eye nail designs?

This summer, trendy cat eye nail ideas include vibrant neon colors, neon French tips, negative space art, and fun designs such as tie-dye, flame nails, or color block patterns. Brighten up your look with these super fun and unique designs that reflect the lively summer vibes.

Can cat eye nail designs be incorporated into a classic French manicure for summer?

Absolutely! Cat eye nail designs can definitely get a summertime twist by incorporating them into a take on classic French manicures. Use a fluorescent or neon nail polish for the tips, or add a cat eye effect on the ring finger for a pop of summer flair.

What nail colors work well for cat eye nail designs in the summer?

For cat eye nail designs in the summer, bright neon nail polish, candy-colored hues, and vibrant colors like neon green, bright pink, and fluorescent yellow are fantastic choices. These shades are perfect for summer and will make your manicure stand out


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