Gel-X Nail Series- Unexpected nail experience

We've luanched Pre-buff Soft Gel Nail Tips and Jelly Gel-X Nails. Here you will find the customer review of the Gel-X Nail Tips, which are ideal for time-saving soft gel application.

So whether you are an experienced nail tech or just getting into manicures, we are sure you will find something you like!

Pre-buff Design Save Your Time

Everything about these full cover, pre-shaped, no buff, matte soft gel nail tips is perfect. They fit onto your fingers perfect. Theyre already shaped perfect. ——Tina

Durable Quality

The nails are very well made and durable. They stay on your fingers twice as long as a normal, smooth nail would thanks to the textured matte finish.——Chrissy

Innovative 15 Sizes

These tips are dope! Even the thumbs fit which I usually have an issue finding full cover tips that are wide enough for my thumbs.——Lola

Beautiful Natural Color

Many people think these are my natural nails. At first I was nervous it didn’t look like the photo but once I added my top coat it was perfection. —— Mimi

Perfect Shape

These are the perfect length, I didn’t have to cut them down at all, and didn’t have to spend a long time filing them. ——Stephani

Comfortable Wearing Experiences

This was my first time trying soft gel nails. I have had acrylics in the past, but found them painful on my very flat nails. These nails are actually pretty comfortable.——Mtair

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