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About BTArtboxnails

The year 2023 marks the 12th year that BTArtboxnails has been accompanying you. Today, we are still here with all of you, and we are very grateful to be a part of the gorgeous moments in your life.

In the process of growing with BTArtboxnails, we have gained the support and encouragement of many BTArtboxnails lovers. They are our oxygen and energy, the source of our creativity and inspiration. We share the beauty of women and wisdom with each other, explore practical products together, we grow up and become more better and confident .Thanks to all of you! We have heard your voices, and we are looking for other possibilities to enhance your beauty.

Our Mission

Effortlessly Elegant, Empowering Independent Women (We hope our nails can demonstrate unique female independence, confidence, and charm)

What X-Coat Tips

The X-coat tips is a new salon press on nails developed by BTArtboxnails in 2022. Its original design intention is for every busy independent woman, to have a moment of leisure in their busy life to enjoy themselves, tidy themselves up, and then face the numerous challenges in life and the workplace with more confidence. 

They are made from gel polish and mimic the handmade manicure process. The natural and classy look of the nails replicated the quality of what you’d find at a salon with the ease of home application. Everyone is wearing X-coat tips, Everyone says X-coat tips are viral manicures, Don't walk run! The X-coat tips  proved to be a favorite for its simple application, whimsical design, and durability. Say goodbye to money and time wasted on endless salon and say hello to X-coat tips, We aim to offer beauty and instant results without spending a fortune.