- The Next Generation of Nail Art

This is BTArtboxnails, a creative nail brand committed to innovation and science from Unite State, striving to shake up the traditional and offer a whole new nail art experience for enthusiasts. Our story is a journey dedicated to redefining the nail care art.


Chapter One: Industries In Need Of Urgent Change 

We deeply understand the challenges faced by every nail art enthusiast in the pursuit of beauty, whether it's acquiring various nail products, watching tutorial videos, or investing a significant amount of money and time, only to fall short of the desired results. This predicament is not only individual but is a sign that the industry as a whole is lagging and needs to make changes urgently.

Chapter Two: The Power of Innovation and Science

How to integrate professional techniques into products that make it easy for anyone to achieve professional-level nail art? Through repeated testing of various nail materials, we discovered that changing the product material was the only way. Thus, we developed the patented material BTMMA™ - a new type of mixed soft gel material. This material not only has perfect toughness and strength, excellent transparency, but also presents more natural colors.


Chapter 3: XCOATTIPS, A Disruptive Nail System

With the development of the patented material BTMMA™, we created the revolutionary nail system XCOATTIPS. This patented system, modeled after the appearance of crystal nails, incorporates structural design to make the nail pieces more three-dimensional. It is also the only system that passes the light penetration test. After processing with techniques such as French, gradient, cat-eye, and using UV glue, the nail tips dry in just 60 seconds, making them more secure. Compared to competitors, XCOATTIPS abandons traditional plastic-like nail pieces, presenting a more natural, translucent skin-tone nail effect. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, using the XCOATTIPS system is as simple as applying nail tips, applying builder gel and top coat, and achieving salon-quality nail art in 30 minutes. XCOATTIPS is not press on nails, not salon nails. It's a revolutionary manicure system, a new standard of nail games, and it's a viral nail trend worldwide. Our brand, BTArtboxnails, is not just a provider of products but also a practitioner of innovation and scientific power. With a mindset of innovation and science, we are committed to breaking traditional constraints and creating a completely new nail art experience for you. In this diverse community, we empower nail art enthusiasts with the ability to easily create and express themselves. Ladies, a new game has begun, let's Play with XCOATTIPS !

Viral Manicure, beyond Salon